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Starley Fit Bike Service

For your convenience Starley have included a bike fit sheet to complete on this website if you do not know which frame size to order. However, our preference is you visit a Starley Showroom or one of our Approved Starley Dealers and have a personal bike fit, the cost of which is inclusive in the purchase price of your bike.

Your individually sized Starley bike will as a result:

Reduce the risk of injury

A professionally sized bike will help avoid overuse injuries. The International Journal of Sport Medicine discovered from a test of 518 cyclists that covered an average of 75 miles per week, 86 percent suffered from one or more overuse injuries due to poor fitting bicycles. When you ride a Starley Bike you are safe in the knowledge that your bike will be quick, comfortable and will help to reduce the risk of injury.

Improved comfort

A Starley set up will help you ride fast but in as comfortable position as possible.

Improved efficiency

Improved efficiency equals faster times for the same level of effort.  Your overall set up will ensure maximum efficiency.

Greater handling skills

A precisely fitted combination of frame and components will make your ride more responsive whilst being safe and faster.

Improved aerodynamics

The rider causes the greatest drag. Achieving a perfect set up on your bicycle will greatly improve your aerodynamics and help the rider maximise the aerodynamic efficiency of a Starley Bike.