Why go bespoke?

Buying a bespoke frame set means we can meet any requirements. Even with a bike fit you may well be compromised by off the shelf frame sizes and require different geometry and design. Buying a handmade unique bicycle made to measure in Cheshire, UK allows you to work with our in house engineers creating something truly individual to reach your personal goal.

A great fit...

All Starley bikes are based around a two stage bike fitting process which is included in every sale. A bike fit will help find the right posture for you on the bike to ensure you are fully engaging all muscles while keeping you comfortable and efficient. We want to make sure you feel at one with your bike, an extension of yourself, making sure you want to ride it at any given opportunity.


Choosing the final specification plays a very key part in the finish of the bike. We work with all group set manufactures, Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram along with many wheel manufactures. Allowing us to create your dream bespoke bike at an affordable price.

Frame Finishing

With our custom in house paint and finishing studio, we can offer you a truly one off finish. However this all starts with the fabrication and the personal touches that can added in through the process. All paint designs are supplied as a mock up before we start, giving you as many opportunities as possible to add your personal touch. Our ultimate goal is your dream bike!

Fabrication, Design

The frame materials chosen have a big impact on ride quality, stiffness and overall performance of the bike. As with all of our bikes your end goal and requirements will pay a big part in what material best suits you. We fabricate using carbon fibre, Stainless Steel and steel from a mix of different suppliers. We will blend the best quality materials and fabrication to ensure your road bike feels better, looks better and most importantly ride better than any other road bike in its class.